Prices and Offers

Let Us Know When to Call You

Simply give us a call, or send us an email detailing the perfect time to call you and a member of our team will do exactly that.

Our Best Ever Sale!

Unfortunately, our prices cannot stay this low forever. Take advantage with a gift card – complete with a greetings card too!


First Time Customer Offers

Taster Lesson 1 Hour

If you have never driven before or you are a little nervous about learning to drive, we advise that you take one of our excellent taster lessons to gauge your current ability.

Full Assessment Lesson 2 Hour

If it has been a while since you last drove a car then our assessment lesson is perfect. We can give you an idea of how many lessons you need before you can take your test.

Block Booking 10 hours

Absolutely perfect for complete beginners. If you want to pass your test fast then a block booking is the best route to go down, with lessons completed regularly.

Top Up Lessons for Current Customers

Driving Lesson 1 Hour

You have the option to pay now or on the day via cash or cheque. Ideal if you need a one off lesson before a practical test.

Student Lesson - 1 Hour

As with all lessons you can pay on the day of your lesson via cash or cheque or before online. Students receive a £1 discount.

Ongoing Lessons 10 Hours

Keep your driving lessons going with an additional 10 hours. The best course of action to pass fast and first time.