About Us

Over 600 pupils and counting…

We do things differently at Drive London, we see our pupils as individuals and not just as numbers – that’s why our pass rate is so high, we genuinely care about getting you passed and tailor all of our driving lessons to suit you, not us or the instructors.

Pass Rates over the last 3 months

July 2019 - 90%
August 2019 - 94%
September 2019 - 93%
Average - 92%

Joanna Hopkins Pass Photo Joanna Hopkins(Pupil)
Brilliant service and have good staff and shout out to Greg, one of the best instructors out there and I highly recommend him to anyone!

Caitlin Woodhead Pass Photo Caitlin Woodhead(Pupil)
I hated my previous driving school. The instructor only cared about my money. I switched to Drive London after one of my friends passed with them – so much better. Thank you so much.

Sam George Pass Photo Sam George(Pupil)
I took an intensive course with Drive London and I’m really happy with everything they did for me. They helped me loads with my hazard perception which I had a nightmare with before. I took 20 hours over 2 weeks and I passed first time with 3 minors! Result.