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The best driving lessons with Drive247London

At Drive247London, we aim to provide the best driving lessons in Bromley with the goal of helping you pass first time as quickly and as safely as possible. We know that you don’t want to be learning how to drive forever which is why we will never hold you back – when you are ready for your test, your local driving instructor in Bromley will take you for your test.

By treating you well, we hope that not only will you be happy but you will also recommend us to your friends and family too.

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Prices & Offers

Offers for beginner drivers

60 Minute Taster

Not too sure what to expect? Want to see what your driving instructor is like? Start your lessons with our 60 minute taster.

120 Assessment

Have your driving level assessed, find out how many hours you need and make sure your lessons are tailored perfectly, with our famous 120 minute assessment.

Block of 10 Hours

The most cost effective way to take your driving lessons is to take advantage of our amazing 10 hour block deal.

Standard lesson prices

1 Hour Lesson

10 Hour Rebooking

Prices for automatic lessons

2 hr Assessment

1 Hour Taster

10 Hour Block

10 Hour Rebook

1 Hour Auto

Intensive Courses

Take your lessons in 1-4 weeks

6 Hour Retest

10 Hours

20 Hours

30 Hours

40 Hours

Practical Test & Quick Test Finder£100

You should take one initial lesson with your driving instructor first. Based on your instructor’s availability, advice and your goals we will book a test for a suitable date and time for you and ensure your instructor is available for that test date.

What you get when choosing Drive247London for your driving lessons in Bromley

  • Driving Manual (worth £19.99) – written by the owner (a Grade A driving instructor) to help you pass quickly and first time.
  • Theory Test Training – both the multiple choice questions and hazard perception practice for your theory test
  • Test Route Videos for the test centres.

Driving Manual

Alex Winter Pass Photo Alex Winter(passed first time, 5 minors)
I didn’t think I’d ever pass my driving test. I left it a little bit late to start them and was shocking bad at it when I first started. Thanks to Drive247London, I passed first time – with my instructor being so helpful.

Paulina Frye Pass Photo Paulina Frye(passed first time, 3 minors)
I was in a competition with my friends to see who could pass their driving tests first (no pressure). Luckily I chose Drive247London after a friend recommended them, and guess who won the competition…!

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