The DVSA has blocked 5,000 accounts from bulk booking driving tests

Almost 5,000 accounts that were created to bulk book driving tests for profit have been banned.

Slots for driving tests were being taken, and automated software in bulk would be sold for more than £200.

The DVSA has blocked the accounts that were abusing the system and improved their security to prevent automated software from taking the vacant slots.

Due to the immense backlog many learners face when booking their driving test, people have been taking advantage of the system and making money from the situation.

Driving test in action

All blocked accounts were on the system dedicated for driving instructors to book multiple slots, but learner drivers could still secure a driving test if it were available.

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Whilst, 5,000 accounts had been bulk booking tests, over 6,000 tests a month are wasted by candidates that fail to turn up to their tests. This is double the number of no-shows compared to 2020.

Furthermore, another 1,100 tests are cancelled due to learners not providing their provisional licence or having a car that meets the requirements.

The DVSA chief executive, Loveday Ryder, said, “We’re working hard to provide more tests, and we’re starting to see that work pay off with more tests available to book.

“But also we’re asking learners and instructors to do their part to help in making sure everyone who is heading for a driving test appointment is fully prepared, has the right car, the right documents and knows the time, date and location of their test.

“By working together, we’ll see the right people coming for their test, the pass rate increase, and waiting times drop.”

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