The hardest place to take your driving test in London has been revealed

Taking your driving test can be stressful, however, some test centres are more difficult than others.

When taking your driving test, several learners become anxious and worried due to the implications that would happen if they were to fail.

Nationally 45% of drivers pass their driving test first time, while other learners will need multiple attempts to pass.

There are some test centres in London where learners are less likely to pass their test, and the pass probability calculator Marmalade has worked out the lowest pass rates based on ten years of data.

Belvedere driving test centre

The hardest test centre in London is the Belvedere test centre, based in Bexley, with only 31.2% of learners passing their driving test here.

Wanstead test centre in East London was the second hardest test centre to pass your driving test, with only 32.13% of learners passing over the last ten years.

The third most challenging test centre is Barking Tanner Street, with a 35.38% pass rate.

Finishing off the top five is Barnet in fourth and Wood Green in fifth, with a respective pass rate of 35.49% and 36.44%.

London is one of the most challenging places for learners to pass their driving test in the UK due to the complexity of driving in London.

Crispin Moger, CEO at Marmalade, said: “We know that driving tests can bring about nerves. In fact, more than 50 per cent of young motorists are equally or more anxious about facing their driving test than their academic exams.

“We wanted to provide a handy tool to help young learner drivers and their parents find out more about their chosen test centre and its pass rates.”

Our driving instructors in London are rated Grade-A by the DVSA, and our driving school in London boasts an impressive 92%% first-time pass rate.

This means that when you learn with Drive247 London, you increase your chances of passing first time and confidently.

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